Hearthstone's Most
Successful Team League

is returning and this time,
we need your help
in making it happen!

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Your Favorite Teams

Teams ranging from the most competitive and the most notorious in the Hearthstone scene gather together to play for the ATLC Champions title once again!

A 3-Month-Long Mega Series

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Competitive Team Format

ATLC2 is the only tournament in
the world to incorporate
6 different players in the same match with each team utilizing
6 different classes

Teams are allowed to change decklists between each series, so expect a lot of variety and
innovative decklists throughout the competition

New Stories To Tell

The last ATLC created many memorable moments and it’s time to shape some more

Amaz Is Your Project Director

Amaz has created some of the
best Hearthstone tournaments, and this edition of ATLC will be no different

With a strong media and production team working on the project as well, we'll try our hardest to make this a successful ATLC2

Visit our Kickstarter to make ATLC2 a reality!